What are the best options for LongTerm storage integration with SharePoint?


I understand Laserfiche is integrated with SharePoint, and we are looking into it.  


SP has a 25Tb limitation and our organization (4200 employees) only has 13Tb (because it's based on licensing) -- we have police cam footage, public communications media, etc that needs a long term storage solution - and we don't want our people having to choose from several locations (they'll never know where to put their stuff) - we're moving from on prem to the cloud, so some of this is in Discovery for us.  We covet your opinions!

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SPO is not limited to 25 TB, that limit applies to a single site and in SPO you can have up 2 M sites, so as you can see you could have much more than 25 TB in SPO. As you well mention, you are limited to the storage you have in SPO per your licensing: 1 TB + 10 GB x # Users with a license that grant access to SPO

@Juan Carlos González Martín Oh my goodness -- so wait a minute - so the 25T applies to one site.  I completely read that wrong!


Several departments require media storage - webcam footage and other evidence for the Police, Fire, as well as the Public Communications department and City Manager -- these will easily go over the 25T for their sites -- what do you recommend there?