what are the available options to build a Modern custom search page with Tabs + Filters

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I have a hub site which have 5 sites connected to it. now we are trying to build a custom search page as follow:-




with these main features

  1. The search should only search the Hub site + the sites connected to the hub.
  2. The search should have 4 tabs as follow:-
  • All --> should show everything
  • Sites --> should only show web pages
  • People --> should only show people
  • News --> should only show pages which are connected to specific content type
  1. There should be filter panel using these fields:-
  • Created
  • Size of file
  • Person
  • File Type
  • Author

So what are the available approaches to build something similar to the above?


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@Maggan Wåhlin 


Ok thanks for the reply. Now i tired the following using the PnP Modern Search web part:-
I have the following Search Result web part:-S1.png


which mainly searches everything inside a specific site collection.

Then i defined the following filter web part, to filter the results based on; Created + File type + Created By (Author), here is my filter web part's settings:-




but when i save the page >> i will only get the Created + the File Type, while the Created By & Author filters will be missing, as follow:-




also if i add a new filter web part and i only chose to filter based on the Created By i will get this error:-




any advice why i am unable to filter the search result using the CreatedBy/Author?