Weird Sync issue with SharePoint Online and One User

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I have one user that continues to run into the same issue where files and folders stop syncing to SharePoint Online. The steps in the troubleshooting support doc for "stop and start sync" or "unlinking OneDrive" solves the issue but on for a short while. She has had this issue for some time now and has received a new laptop, reimaged (Intune Reset) multiple times, Office removed and reinstalled. You name it...  She seems to be the only person with this issue but she also syncs the most libraries and files/folders. I do not see any significate limitations mentioned and she already has it set to sync files on demand. Again only her so far over the past year and she has been reset, reinstalled, removed, all of the normal steps here. She normally has upwards of dozen or more libraries being synced at a time and some having more than 300GB but again with file on demand, this does not seem to be a bandwidth or space issue since she is not syncing every file and folder. Any thoughts as to why this is happening or how to resolve the issue? Windows 10 Surface Laptop 3 (i7). 500MB bandwidth pipe if that matters. We have 30-40 users in the office and no one else runs into this issue but most only sync two or three libraries at at time. She is our designer and handles files for a bunch of libraries, which is why she has access to all of them.  Thanks. 
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@Jeff Harlow 


Here are the limitations on sync -


Even if the user is not hitting any of them you will find a slowing down of the client with 300GB synced. I would suggest figuring out a way to sync less, the files/projects she is working on in the next week for instance and the rest are not synced. 

@Andrew Hodges 


Thanks. Yeah, she is not syncing 300GB of data but as of right now she has 29 sites that she is syncing. And with that, Her OneDrive Sync never seems to complete (always syncing).  I looked over the limitations and I do not see any that she would be running into. She has 120K files in total which is far below the 300K limit but I do feel that there is a limitation that is either not documented or something Microsoft is not aware of.  I doubt the average user has more than 2-3 sites at a given time but the way we are handing our files; this particular user is not the norm.