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So each department in my company has a PUBLIC site and a PRIVATE site. This is to separate between items that are department specific, and any content that they share with others in the company.


In each PRIVATE site, only those department members can see that content. Each private site under THAT has "x" number of subsites to divide into smaller teams.


So my question is: say i'm NOT a member of department A - I have no access, But someone on that team gives me access to the SUBSITE of that private site, how does that work? 


Edit: The architecture of the intranet is: Landing page > Department (A,B,C) PUBLIC > Department (A,B,C) PRIVATE > subsite. So unless you have the direct URL to the subsite, this is the steps you need to follow to get to the subsite. But again if you don't have access to that private departmental site, then how would they get to the subsite?

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How about offering this nesting of Sites within the Top Link bar on the root site collection?






Thanks for your reply. I was thinking about having that subsite link visible on the homepage as well, but I was also thinking that it is an edge case where only I would have access but no one else does, so for everyone, that link just requests access for most people while it works for just me. And if there are other cases out there then it just ends up that every subsite link would end up on the homepage. I will however mark this as the best response anywho as it seems there's no way around it.



Another approach could be having the root sites default visitor within the sub sites and define unique permission where ever required. For the sub site the groups are set up to accept join / leave requests,

In case your customers lack permission on the sub web in general, you could place a 'join this group' link on this page. The group membership would still require approval, but you might want to delegate it by using a dedicated group for the subsites default member group ownership and thus letting others rather than you accepting those membership request.



So adding some richt text content and a hyperlink smh like:
https() 3.0 Visitors