Weird permission issues that I can't explain

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Ok so I have a really weird permissions issue.


We have a sharepoint site which holds lots of PDF documents, these are set to 'Anyone in the institution can view but can't download'.


This link is then used in a cataloguing system.


If someone clicks the link in the catalogue it opens up and works fine. If then someone copies the link of the PDF and gives it to someone either via the 'share' or copy the address bar, the person receiving the link can't access the file.


HOWEVER, if the person receiving the file goes to the catalogue and clicks the button to the PDF with the same link, it works.


Now the weird behavior is that if that person goes back to the original link that was sent to them that didn't work originally, now works fine!


There's no technical link between the catalogue and the sharepoint site, it just has a normal https link to the PDF file.


What could be going on??





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