weird entries in news page people picker


Hi, I have just started a trial tenant to demo 365 SharePoint and Yammer features for a customer.  We have been playing with SharePoint and Yammer for two days. All good.


The trial tenant has eight users. But when I change the name in a SharePoint news page, I see weird entries that look like




How do I get rid of these entries? 


- They are not listed in the SharePoint hidden user list - I see only the eight expected users

- They are not listed as M365 Users

- They are not listed in Azure AD

- They are not discoverable in Yammer


What creates these email addresses and how do I remove them from the SharePoint people picker?



Edit:  Looking at the emails received for my trial account, I see that these weird email addresses all feature in my Outlook inbox. I have received notifications from Yammer from three different "" email addresses and one from "" and all these come up in the people picker of the news page header.


How can I get rid of them?


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@Ingeborg Hawighorst This looks to be a bug/backend issue.

Please report to Microsoft 365 Support from the Admin Center.

@Rahul Kumaar Thanks for your reply. I will abandon this trial tenant and if the issue comes up in the production tenant, I will log it. 

We are experiencing the same issue on a production tenant. Haven't ever noticed before. I wonder if this is a new "feature"?

@Jesse Vaught 

Having the same issue in our tenant. Started about a month ago, that I know of.