Weeknumber when week starts on Sunday

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I'm using below formula to get the week number in a SharePoint list column. In this formula the week starts on Monday. How can I get the week started on Sunday?





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Hi @Rapaille,

to get a week number but starting from sunday, you can try this formula.


Here's what the formula does:

- It takes your date, which is in the "Productiedatum" column.
- It figures out how many days have passed since the beginning of the year (January 1st).
-  Then, it checks if this number is zero (meaning the date is still in the previous year's week 52). If it's zero, it assigns the week number as 52.
- If it's not zero, it calculates the week number based on the number of days passed and divides it by 7 to get the week number.


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Leon Pavesic

Hi Leon,

Thank you for your reply. I tried your formula and I get week number 41 for 17-Sep-23. It should be 38.