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Hi.  I have a minor problem with Webparts.  I have created a QuickLink webpart for my home page.  In an another page of my site, I have used another QuickLink webpart with different links.


When I open the second page, my webpart title is not "Quick Link" but "Quick Link  [1]" or "Quick Link [2]".



How can I remove the numbers in bracket [1] or [2].  I imagine Sharepoint creates them to avoir duplication.




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Hi @LouisV,


The behavior described is odd and not what I would expect in modern or classic SharePoint.


If this a "modern" site page you can rename Quick Links web part as desired. 


If you are using "classic" web parts, you should be able to edit the properties (see Appearance) and set the title as desired.


If none of this applies then something else is going on and more info is required to help further.


I hope this helps.