Web part to filter planner plans based on the Assigned To user?

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We have a Teams which contain around 40++ planner plans. The managers are facing troubles when they want to see all the tasks from all the planner plans assigned to certain user. Currently to do this, they need to go to each individual plan and do the filter, is there any built-in or using sharepoint web parts to be able to filter all the tasks from different plans based on the assigned to user?


can we for example benefit from modern search web part to achieve this? or any other web parts?

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@johnjohn-Peter there are no web parts that will help with this. I think you would be better to use the Planner connectors in the Power Platform and build something in either Power Apps or Power BI.


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@Rob_ElliottThanks for the advice and reply. but i am not sure how i can do this inside power automate or power apps? will i need to loop through all the plans and then loop through all the tasks to get the tasks assigned to specific user? i thought to benefit from search service to do this work in more efficient way