Web part can't display properly on SharePoint page for external user

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Hi Team, 


I built a SharePoint online page with some web parts embedded. When I share the page to external user, the web parts can't display properly, error information as below.  I found that when zoom out the page till the whole page can display in the screen, click refresh, then the web part can display properly, there is no problem when re-zoom in to normal view.

This issue only occur for external user, not sure how to solve the problem. 

"Something went wrong

If the problem persists, contact the site administrator and give them the information in Technical Details.


[object Object]"


Web Part Display Issue.PNG

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Anyone have some idea, need help.
Check what browser they are using, we used to see that error a lot with IE11, EDGE and Chrome were fine
Thanks, Carl, I tried Chrome/Firefox/Edge, they all have the same issue.
The 'zoom out' bit is interesting, is it all users, or just one?
Is there screen resolution perhaps to low?
For us 'the somthing went wrong error' was a network lag more than anything else, and EDGE seemed to cope better