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I would like to create a page with a list of documents of a Document Library and a pane in which the document is previewed. The documents are all in PDF format.


Does exist a web app that can be used to preview a PDF file selected in al document library list in the same page?


Thank you.


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You can achieve this by using the standard document library web part and the file viewer web part. You can connect both Web Parts to model the scenario described. More information:
Thank you for your answer.

I tried and I was able to build a page.

Can I also disable the annoying hyperlink that opens the document when I click on it? I need a list to select the document to view in the file viewer web part, not a list to open each document.

Thank you.

@Paolone67 as it's a document library and not a list it is expected behaviour that double-clicking on the document name will open it. But a single click will display the document in the file viewer connected web part as in the attached video. I don't know of a way to remove the hyperlink completely other than by building a solution in Power Apps.


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