Weather Web Part showing incorrect data.

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Hello, I've found a problem with MSN Weather web part on our SharePoint.
Temperature is incorrect.
Looks like it's problem with Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion.


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I've noticed the same issue. It shows correct temperature, when changing translation to English, but as soon as I change back to my own language, it doesn't look correct.
I'm having the same issue.
Same problem here. When the browser is in English, it shows the correct temperature. In Dutch the Fahrenheit and Celsius are switched.
Same problem here, it shows -14 in holland, while it is 6 degrees outside.

we having same issues

I've noticed the same thing but while using MS weather in Power Automate, regardless of the format it is set to (imperial or metric) it is always giving the temperatues in farenhight. feels like the issue started with the changing of the year. Hopefully someone will fix it soon!

Same issue exists while +7 °C in MSN weather Sharepoint showing -14 °C
Same issue here with german clients. If Fahrenheit is selected the correct number is displayed. When switching to Celsius it shows a negative number.
We have this issue as well (also Dutch). For us, it was already incorrect on 29/12.
Same issue here in Czech as well.

Hi, i have the same issue. Any solution yet?


I have the same problem in our German SharePoint. If I select Fahrenheit in the webpart, it shows the correct celsius values, however with the wrong unit ...

Same Problem. Has anyone found a resolution? Do we know if Microsoft is working on this?



I'm having the same problem.
I opened a case with Microsoft, however, so far, even they have not been able to understand the reason

Yes, mine was fixed too

@ckrhuse still not fixed... 


On my tenant all is OK now

Yeah, I ended up having to remove and rebuild anything using the weather connectors and it sorted itself out, it took a few weeks but it's been ok since