We opened this workbook read-only from the server "Edit Workbook" "File In Use"

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Hi all, 


Started to bang our heads together over the last couple of months, with multiple tickets logged to Microsoft Support regarding an issue a client of ours is having. 



- Using SharePoint online only as file libraries

- Sync function is turned off (so files cannot be downloaded locally)

- Files are opened in local MS Office applications as default



A large number of users have a template saved in the SharePoint library which they then edit + save (as auto save function has been disabled) The users in question have their own templates which are not shared or user by any other user in the company. However, on any day they can safely click on the file and open it without any problems, give or take a few hours later or days later the same template is opened by the same user and the following error is given;

"We opened this workbook read-only from the server" "Edit Workbook"

When Edit workbook is clicked you then receive the following

"This file is locked for editing by *end user*"

(see screen shot)Untitled.png

Has anyone been able to find out what is causing this issue? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

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