W3wp.Exe is occupying more space (more than 19GB)

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Hi All: 

Anyone can help me with this?


In Our sharepoint production server, W3wp.Exe is occupying more space (more than 19GB)   and Search application is occupying more 2GB space. 


These application more usage , causing my production site is down. 

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Well, witouth having details on your setup it seems that you are might have different issues on the farm that could be the cause of that high RAM Usage...for instance, any custom dev with memory leaks

As @Juan Carlos González Martín mentioned,there could be multiple factors associated to it.

If there are any custom code deployed on it ,recently you can run tools like SPDisposeCheck and SPCAF tool from Rencore,you can run trial version as well sometimes which will be helpful


You can take a memory dump of w3wp.exe and take an insights of it

Enable the verbose logging too see if any errors are reported in ULS logs against memory or multiple requests are getting bombarded as such