Viva Connections Issue - Asking login for Power Apps WebPart/SPFx failing to call Graph

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We are building an intranet for a customer, and on some pages, there are custom-built SPFx WebParts that make calls to Microsoft Graph, and some Power Apps added using the out-of-the-box Power Apps WebPart. For both cases, it works perfectly when opening the pages from SharePoint, or adding the page as a Teams tab (SharePoint pages option).


However, from Viva Connections, the pages work perfectly on the first load time. And then start to fail most of the times. Seeming that it is not using correctly the auth token....


Graph calls from SPFx WebParts fail...


Power Apps webpart prompts to sign:


Sign In.PNG

Using the Teams dev tools to identify the traffic it simply seems no auth token is being passed in both cases. As the same pages/WebParts work fine from SharePoint and Teams tabs, my understanding is that the issue relates to something on Viva Connections.


Can someone help with this issue or point me to where I should log the bug?

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Hi, we have exactly the same issue as you. Embedded Power Apps on modern pages work fine in the browser, but do not load when displayed within Viva Connections in Teams :(

We raised a support case with Microsoft, but their response is "Nesting embedding of Web Player is currently not supported."

Their full reply is:
Unfortunately, we will not be able to proceed with the troubleshooting for this ticket,
After an internal discussion I have been let known that previous similar scenarios were reported as unsupported with the following statement:
Nesting embedding of Web Player is currently not supported.
We do see nested embedding when, for instance, we embed Web Player in Power BI and then Power BI in Teams, but other combinations do also apply.
It is possible that a given scenario may work, especially on web browsers, but behavior is uncertain and should not be considered as supported at this point.
Please do let me know if you have any questions on the above before we proceed with the ticket archive; we will be happy to assist you with any concern.