Visitors should not see other Lists and Libraries

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Hi all,


I hope someone can help me with this issue. We have a SharePoint Online site and thee default groups at the site level (Owners, Members, Visitors).


I have multiple lists on the site and they have unique permissions. I do not want the visitors to see all the lists on the site. Ex. I added Mr X as visitor at the site level and gave him the "member" access at the list level.  I want him to only see the list where he has the member access and not other lists on the site. Currently he can see all the lists and libraries. Kindly help.


Thanks, Rahul

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@Rahul14Think about you problem in comparison to a house. Now when you have give access to someone you have given access to the house and now they can access all the rooms which are open to them. If you want them to access only a single room which you have given access to them then you have to lock other rooms as well.


So now coming out of analogy you have to set the permission in a way where all the other list and libraries are restricted for the user (remove permission for the user) and only allow the user where he needs. But be careful there are some lists like Style Library ans Site assets you should have the user access otherwise use might not get in.


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It sounds like you added them to the members group that’s on that list. Keep in mind that group is also added to all lists. Your best bet is create a new group or add the user directly to the resources you want them to have access too and remove the group they are in where you don’t.

So if they are in visitors for basic access then you’ll want to add them direct to the list you want them to have access too and give edit rights after breaking inheritance.

Then any list you don’t want them to have access remove the visitors group from.