Viewing AIP Protected PDFs in SharePoint Online and Teams

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Hey all, for a test case i'm currently deploying Sensitivity Labels to a select group of users. I'm labeling with the integrated sensitivity tool in Office applications and the AIP unified labeling client. This is currently being tested for user devices and on-premise fileserver use. However, I'm trying some stuff in Sharepoint (Online) Document Library with labeling. And what I noticed is that when I upload an AIP protected PDF document, (encryption + no external sharing (access only for users in organization) is that when I try to view it you get the standard message of "This is a protected document. You can view it using a supported PDF reader app" Which I find quite odd as you're authorized with your Microsoft Account in your SharePoint Online environment. (The same goes for Teams)


My question is: Is it possible to view an AIP protected PDF in SharePoint/Teams? If so, how can this be achieved?

  • (Without having to download the document and open it on your device with AIP Viewer or Acrobat reader / pro etc.)
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