Viewing a Sharepoint Library in Edge is giving me the error message, "sbox_fatal_memory_exceeded"

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I am building a document library in Sharepoint for the first time and everything has been going well until this morning. I am now getting this message: "sbox_fatal_memory_exceeded" when the Microsoft Edge tab times out for displaying the Sharefile document library, which contains 274 pdf files... typically, I'm finding I can't see all the files past documents starting with the letter "N."


My initial online research is giving me results for it being a Chrome issue... something to do with exceeding memory limits. I am not able to tweak this on my computer at work as I do not have administrator rights.


Below are a few embedded screen captures. Anyone have any suggestions for a fix/solution?


Thank you in advance,



Screen capture of the error message displayed in Edge:



Screen capture of my Task Manager's processes running

(I am currently running Edge with 6 tabs open):



System details:


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