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Hi Guys,


I have a question about SharePoint views. I have a filtered View (All documents), the filter is added to limit the items shown to 5000. But when i search for some documents which are not included in this view, I can not find them. How can i prevent this from happening. If i remove the filter from the view, the documents shown are more 5000 so i have a problem.

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Hello @Deleted 


over which search box do you search? (PrintScreen?)

Or are the items checked out?


When you search over the Microsoft Search searchbox in your entire site you will find all items on a site or in a library. As other way you can create a custom Search Center with den PnP Modern Search Web Parts to search all items:


Regards, Dave 

Hi @David Mehr, thanks for your response.

I use the search box inside the library. The check out for items is disabled so that is not possible.
Is it possible to leave the view all documents unfiltered even if it surpassed 8000 items?
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Hello @Deleted


do you use classic? In Modern you don't have an search box inside the library, but you can use the power of Microsoft Search in your suite bar on top of the page.


You can try a flat view when you switch to modern. Please give feedback after your test, i'm curious to see if it works.


Regards, Dave