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I have a modern SharePoint list of COVID-19 FAQs for our company.


I have a view "ALL DUCA FAQ" that groups the list items by topics.

Then I use View Formatting (custom JSON) to present the grouped list items in a friendly way.


The problem is that when I directly visit the list with the view "ALL DUCA FAQ", the list items don't load. (see images *1.png and *2.png).


To force it to load, I have to manually switch to the "All Items" view, then switch back to "ALL DUCA FAQ" (see image "View Formatting manually forced to load.png")


Anyone familiar with this issue?

Is there a way to have a default view automatically redirect to another view in a list?

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Did you try setting the "ALL DUCA FAQ" view as default view. This can be configured by selecting the "Set current view as default" option which is available in the right side of the command bar in your SharePoint List.
Please let us know after you try it. @SolutionsSpecialist.


@Swaminathan Sriram 


Thanks for the quick response.

No effect by making it the default view.