View file explorer option not working on Edge

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We have enabled the view file explorer option on edge following documentation from MS below.


However, this option seems to be working for a few users and not for others. For some, browsing through private mode helps but not all the time.

I can confirm that the policy is applied on the edge and on the tenant level.


Would anyone please advise? 



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Hi @rtulachan 


Can you please double-check that all your machines are having this (from the link you shared): 

  1. Verify that devices are on Microsoft Edge build 93 or later using Find out which version of Microsoft Edge you have.

  2. Enable the ConfigureViewInFileExplorer policy for Microsoft Edge that allows URLs with the viewinfileexplorer: scheme to open WebDAV URLs in Windows File Explorer.

  3. Ensure that Window instances are joined to a Microsoft Active Directory domain, Windows 10 Pro, or Enterprise instances that are enrolled for device management.


@rtulachan Can you check & confirm if all the pre-requisites are available on the system of users who are unable to use the view file explorer option on edge?


Follow below links for more information:

  1. SharePoint Online: View in File Explorer available in Microsoft Edge 
  2. Configure View in File Explorer with Edge 

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