View counts in "News from sites" on SharePoint home - why are some missing?

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I know that what appears in the "News from sites" section of the SharePoint home/launch page (whatever it's called these days) is based on the current user's permissions - that's great. What I'm confused by is why news from some (most) sites shows a "view" count, but there are other sites that don't show that. In the image below the "Office 365 Power Users Group" is a Public Team (so, "Everyone except external guests" is in the Site visitors group); news posts from that Team NEVER show the view count. The "Research" site is a SharePoint Team Site (not group-connected) with "Everyone except external guests" having Read permission. Finally, the "Office 365 Training" site is a Communication site with that same "Everyone..." group having Read permission. The last two ALWAYS show a view count. 


Actually, looking a little more closely, it seems that it's ONLY that "Power Users Group" site that doesn't show view counts (although, to be fair, I'm not a member of any other Public Teams that are leveraging News at all).

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