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We have migrated old file storage systems to SharePoint. I have a Document Library as an archive for all the really old folders that no one took ownership of. Over time, users come looking for these files and I copy them to their team SharePoint sites. I want to retain my archive copy for x time and then delete it.


So, I created a date column to make the date I first copied the files. Now I'd like to be able to see all the files/folders which have a date in this column.


I tried making a view with a filter to show items with a date > 01/01/2022. But obviously it filters only the folder I'm currently in. Meaning at the root, the view is empty. But there is 'child' content which does have a date.


How can I view all content which has a date?

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Thanks. Interesting to know. Will have to learn more about it.

At this point, I'm assuming the best I can do is use Power Automate to search for files with the correct attributes and output them somehow. Thanks again.
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