Video hosting in SharePoint online?


Hi all,

i'm currently planning our migration from on prem to SP online.

Due to where i work, our 'media' dept have a library full of video clips/footage. Right now i have 500gb of files to upload when the media area of SP is ready.

I'm wondering if there is a tailored template in SP that can be used for videos, as opposed to the regular asset library. One was demo'd to me last year, but i assume it was a bespoke add-on. Due to the nature of the video files, i'm also concerned that accessing them and streaming, even whilst in the office could reduce the users experience as it would being going out to the internet instead of being local.

I have considered leaving them on prem, but the point of this migration project is so that the files can be accessed from anywhere (without a VPN), especially since COVID-19 hit the planet and there is a potential in the UK for another lockdown.


Many thanks for any advice offered. :)

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What about using Microsoft Stream instead of SPO? Stream is much more prepared to host videos than SharePoint is
If you just want to share the video's then Stream is the best way forward as Juan Carlos suggested. If you need advanced features (e.g. records management) then you should take a closer look at the pros and cons. Check if Stream is included with your Office 365 license: The base amount of storage is 500 GB so your data set should fit in nicely. Paul | SLIM Applications

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Thanks for the reply.

TBH i'm not entirely sure what i'm trying to achieve here. It's not for hosting per se. It will only really have the media dept accessing the files (unless they chose to publish certain files onto the main site hub for all to see), I'm hoping there is a better method for cataloging media files, maybe with metadata and a search option(?) over and above what a regular file repository would give.

I want our users to go to their 'media' intranet site, and be able to maybe see thumbnails of all their videos etc, with minimal fuss of downloading one, editing it with Premier Pro, then re-uploading it again.

They have literally 1000s of video clips ranging from a few seconds to 90 mins (football match). Cleverly selecting the correct metadata will help in searching out the correct file, as opposed to hunting through nested folders in traditional local storage style.

I'm possibly not explaining myself very well, sorry.

@Paul de Jong 

Sorry, yes to add to my last post, i'd looked at Stream, and it probably will do what i envisage, but the whole cloud-based workign is new to the company and i'll have to train everyone up, so also trying to keep it with minimum disruption. #poisonchalice :(

We have MS E3 licences so Stream and most other apps are included.