Verticals error at site level

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I have created a search vertical at the organization level, which works well. But, I cannot see Microsoft Search Verticals at the site level and encounter with error "something went wrong retrieving verticals." I have disabled the search vertical from Microsoft 365 admin center, but still, the error is coming, and unable to view verticals at the site level.

This explains 

MS Docs explaination.jpeg

But I am not connecting with any other data source.


I also did not connect with any data source at the admin center. Please confirm how the error can be resolved. I plan to create a search vertical at the site level and enhance the search scope from the site level.


I am also attaching the picture for the admin center search vertical and result type, and site level. 










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I have the same issue, it is a problem on Microsoft Side for the site level search verticals. At the moment I did not see any estimated time for the problem resolution.
Thank you for the response, deleting the custom vertical from the admin center will work?
Hi Serge,

Thank you for your response, where I can find a Microsoft document saying this problem is on Microsoft side.