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I am trying to add a Vertical Section to a modern page 

I see the option available and select but it always ends up as a single column section at the bottom of the page as opposed to positioning on the right - probably something obvious but I cannot work it out


here are my steps

Edit Page

Add new Section

Select vertical section




The site is a classic team site.

Anybody have any ideas?

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Hi@RealPaddy ,


It seems your web browser size. Please check your SharePoint site's web browser in minimizing it or not. Often it may the cause.


Keep try.


thanks for reply 

I do have browser maximised - but I do have standard side navigator as follows

Is that supported?


Hi @RealPaddy,


I also test in my side as same as your test. But I haven't any problem by adding vertical section.

(just log out and clear cookies and login again )



Yep. vertical sections should work with no problems

Hi @RealPaddy ,


I would suggest creating a brand new site, just a modern team site without an office 365 group. Test it in their to check its not your tenant or the particular site.


I do get the same as you if the browser is not maximised. Try checking you are not zooming in or out and are at 100% as this may cause the issue even when maximised. 




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@RealPaddy the Vertical Section is dynamic. I can see it renders horizontally where there is less screen estate and vertically when I rotate to landscape. This might not be your problem but try building a site with a larger horizontal view, say a desktop and it  may work! Good luck.

@John Wynne 

Thanks John...

Turns out it was my settings on windows...see screenshot below

Setting the scaling to 125% did the trick...

guess I got to stop living the lie and start wearing my glasses!


@RealPaddy Glad you found the answer!