Vertical alignment in SharePoint table cells

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Is there a way to set vertical alignment in SharePoint modern view table cells?


Issue is that when one cell has a lot of text, it expands the row vertically. Then all of the other cells on the row that have brief information are center-aligned vertically. It makes for awkward display and reading.  I would like to make a setting to vertically align all text to display at the top of the cell.

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I don't understand how this is not already a feature. We have recently started using SharePoint Online Modern Pages and use tables extensively for tabular data (not layout). It appears middle vertical alignment is the only choice? If you have cells with lots of text, then all the other cells in a row align to the middle of the tallest row. So you might need to scroll up and down to read a full row of data in context.

This is really poor UI. Old School HTML used valign="top" and CSS uses vertical-align: top; but since Modern Pages don't seem to allow us mere mortals to edit HTML or add CSS, Microsoft's Sharepoint Team may need to solve this.

Fully concur with @cgeissler .


Horrific UI.  Makes for a wretched display of information -- often barely usable.

Vertical alignment is sorely needed.


Compare with Atlassian's Confluence -- night & day.

@BarbBAC There is a request for this change in SharePoint feedback portal

Please vote.

@Bharath Arja The link you posted is erroring.  Can you confirm it?