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Hello Product Support Team,


I have version history enabled on my share point and it is maintaining 100 version of my file which is good but it is consuming 100 times of my file space which is not acceptable.


For Ex: File1 is 100 MB size and now It is creating 100 Version which means it will consume 100 * 100 = 10 GB of space on the Share Point could you please let me know if this is how it works or we have some issue.





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@Mir_Ali_1978 no reaction at all? It's getting more and more a problem. We work with bigger files (like 300MB or bigger) If someone edits 5 metadata fields, there are 6 versions and each version is 300MB.

Thx, but that's for solving the issue when you delete a document with versions. Only one version gets in the bin instead each version.