version history not showing on a Intune restricted device



I work as a consultant for many clients. One of them has Intune device registration set up so only Intune compliant devices can download documents from O365 environments like SharePoint online. 


But I now find that this restriction also affects the visibility of the SharePoint version history pop up. Yesterday, I was working on a company issued computer, compliant with Intune, and demoing version history to others.

Today I'm accessing the same site/list/item from my private computer, which is not registered in that company's Intune, and the version history command is not visible in the context menu or elsewhere in the GUI.


Does anyone have any insights how/why this is related?


I can get the version history when I use ShareGate to export the list <grin>, whereas I cannot get file attachments via ShareGate that way. 


Why would the version history of list items be subject to Intune enrollment??

Please don't point me to permissions in SharePoint. I am the site Owner and site collection admin and I have correct permissions. This is clearly linked to the device, not the user.


Insights welcome, although I bet this one will remain zero replies for months.

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