Value does not fall within the expected range


OK, this one is annoying, and easy to reproduce. Open your ODFB, click on any file, check the details. Now use the left pane to switch to any Group/Frequently used site. Select any item in a doc library therein, check the details. The following pops up:



If you get back to your own ODFB now, the same will be visible.


The issue only happens when you use the navigation. Opening a Group site directly or switching between sites by using the URL instead of clicking the entry on the left works just fine too. Seems to me like something is using the incorrect Context and someone didn't properly check their code before putting it in production?!

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Hi Vasil!

I have tried to reproduce this problem using different browsers but I am not able to reproduce it. Are you sure this is not an temporary problem?

I can reproduce it just fine with other browsers. But we might be on different tenant version, thus seeing different behavior. Do you get the "Properties" section on the details pane? It should be between "Has access" and "Recent activity", and this is the one causing the issue. In my company tenant, I don't even get this section, thus no issue :)

I have been able to reproduce it first time I tried...It seems to be a problem of the Group library integration in OneDrive @Stephen Rice this is a nice one

@Vasil Michev wrote:

... Do you get the "Properties" section on the details pane? It should be between "Has access" and "Recent activity"....

That is strange! In my tenant I don't get to see that "Properties" section at all. We have "Has Access" section followed by "Recent Activity" and then "Information" which shows the document properties. What content is that "Propertiessection supposed to show? 

It shows the document name/title and also exposes the Apply label control.

@Vasil Michev 


I am having the same problem. For me the Content Type is empty where it should say "item".