Validate a choice field based on an managed metadata field

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I'm trying to validate a field to issue a warning or prompt or something when another field is set to a certain value. 

1) The problem is, I'm referencing a managed metadata field from a choice field. I understand you can't do field validation as it doesn't support referencing another field. Why would it? Why not omit such a useful capability?

2) List validation. Ok then. If managed metadata field equals "X" then my choice field can only be populated. Problem is you can't reference the managed metadata field in validation's not supported. Surprise. Gotcha.


I have to resort to this technique because I can't hide the field in the form as discussed in this discussion thread because managed metadata fields are not supported. (??)


This is akin to trying to walk in 1ft deep mud. 


I know, add/request this in UserVoice right? Because Carl just came along and found an unknown SET of limitations in a tech that's been around for half a decade, AND we're still no further ahead then when it was first provided, or rather provided.

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Lots of views, no replies which leads me to understand there is no answer.
Time to remove all managed metadata fields and return to SP2013 methods with a simple choice field since almost 20 years later, nothing has really been updated.