Using @ to mention External collaborators



We have a site that we share externally, We added them as external members so that they have edit permissions. But when working on files, and adding comments, we cannot @ them so that they can get a notification that the file has a comment assigned to them.


Is there any way to modify this please?

THank you

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@MVCuser I think this is a known limitation of mention feature in word document comments as well as list item comments.


Check for more details:

  1. SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists: @mention people in list comments 
  2. Using @mention in Word online for Guest users 

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Hi @MVCuser 


What kind of Site? a Team Site? Is connected to an Office Group?


This must be Governed by your Administrators to use some features, if it's not available, it's blocked. 


Collaborate with guests on a document | Microsoft Learn

Hi. We are using a Teams site, and the external users have been added to office 365 groups as guests.