Using Sharepoint Viewer on jpg files or other pictures.

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I would need to have the same function as SharePoint viewer does on documents, but I would like it on pictures.
I am open to all solutions including that you might make a list with the image attached.
As I said, I have tested everything I can think of and need help.
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Just to give some background to my question, I work as a systems specialist in a municipality in Sweden and have received an inquiry regarding an app that we are developing that will be used in healthcare to document wound injuries.
They should be able to send photos to a sharepoint site where only a small group of people will have the rights to view these images, but they also want a simple log of who viewed these images.
Everything to be able to follow laws and regulations.
Now maybe you understand more why I need this feature.

So please come up with your suggestions.
In the solution, we will primarily only use Microsoft products.

Peter M. Meiton