Using sharepoint to store and analyse employee training records

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Hi All, 


We currently have a sharepoint document library site that we store employee training records (competencies) which has been extremely useful.


I'm now trying to workout a way that we might be able to use this site to further manage the records, i.e each employee has a role and these roles are made up of competencies, we need to be able to flag which employees are missing competencies for their specific role.


Is this something that can be done using sharepoint or another product i.e. Powerautomate, Powerapps or PowerBI ?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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@scottfosI think the best option will be to use PowerApp for this use case though you could manage a few of them through Liberty Validation and advance setting, to apply some custom view and indexing as mention, the best and simple way will be to get used of the PowerApps as your hand is free when it comes to customization.

@scottfos a couple of SharePoint lists, one for Competencies and one for Employee data with the competencies they have, with a Power Apps app as your form with both lists as the data source is certainly do-able and is the route I would recommend you investigate.


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