Using Sharepoint to onboard pre employed users

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I am looking to use sharepoint to onboard pre employed employees. The plan is to have a Sharepoint page where the external employees can see a checklist that is custom to them. On this checklist the user can tick of when different tasks that are done and HR can keep track of this checklist and view it when needed.

Is it also possible to add a document library where the user can see the company policies and accept them. Can I add a custom folder that includes the users specific contract which they can then digitally sign? I have done some research online but it all seems very limited in what you can do. Any help would be greatly apricated. Thank you.

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Hi @Dave8347923750,

it is possible to use SharePoint to onboard pre-employed users in the way you have described. Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Create a SharePoint site for onboarding pre-employed users. You can use the Employee onboarding team SharePoint site template to get started.
  2. Create a checklist for each new employee. You can use Microsoft Lists to create a checklist that is custom to each employee's role and department.
  3. Share the checklist with the new employee. You can share the checklist directly with the new employee or add them to a group that has access to the checklist.
  4. Track the checklist as the new employee completes the tasks. You can view the status of the checklist in Microsoft Lists.
  5. Create a document library for company policies. You can upload the company policies to the document library and share it with the new employee.
  6. Create a custom folder for each new employee's contract. You can upload the contract to the custom folder and share it with the new employee.
  7. Add a digital signature to the contract. You can use Microsoft Power Automate to create a flow that will send the contract to the new employee for their digital signature.

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@Dave8347923750 as an alternative to what @LeonPavesic wrote, I would it all in Power Apps with SharePoint lists as data sources, because then whenever the user goes into the app you can set it so that they can only see items in your onboarding list where the user email is equal to the email of the logged in user. You could also have a screen for the company policies and a button on that screen to confirm they have read the policy and that saves their details and document to another list in SharePoint. It's what we do for mandatory or regulatory documents in our rail division. Another screen could hold the user's contract with an input control for them to "sign" the document.


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Thank you @Rob_Elliott. I thought you can only share PowerApps with external people if they have a Microsoft account. Would the list filter work with any email as well whether they have a Microsoft account or not.

@Dave8347923750 apologies, it didn't register with me that you wanted them to see the checklist before they had an Office 365 account in your company.

Ah Ok. Can external users still use PowerApps even without a Microsoft account? As they would only have access to one item so they would just need to click on there name on the app as that would be the only thing they can see in the app.

@Dave8347923750 no they can't, for this you'd need to have Power Apps Portals which is very expensive.


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Principal Consultant, SharePoint and Power Platform WSP UK (and classic 1967 Morris Traveller driver)