using sensitivity labels to control guest access - but Yammer . . .

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We are looking into using sensitivity labels to control guest access in Teams and SPO. We have things configured so when you create a new Team, SPO site, Planner, O365 group in Office, you are required to choose a sensitivity label. That capability doesn't appear to exist with Yammer, which means that when a Yammer community is created, the backing SPO site gets no label and guests can be invited to it.


Is there an out of the box way to apply a default sensitivity label to SPO sites created by Yammer (we never want guests to access Yammer communities), or are we going to have to develop something?

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Go to the Yammer site in SharePoint admin center and select the sensitivity there. It's currently not supported when being created within Yammer.

@ChristianJBergstrom thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately that's far from scalable.  


Documentation states that Yammer doesn't support sensitivity labels, but SPO does, so I would think that any SPO site would be included in the labeling policy.  This seems like a bug.

My understanding of what they mean is that a label cannot be selected when the site is being creating from Yammer, it's simply not available as an option. The users who are assigned a sensitivity label policy (published to them) that includes a container label will be able to select it for sites and groups. So wouldn't call it a bug. You can use PowerShell if applicable.

@ChristianJBergstrom Maybe not a bug, but definitely a gaping hole if you're trying to "Use sensitivity labels to protect content in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 groups, and SharePoint s...".


Anyway - I'm looking at possibly using a flow to close the hole that triggers on site creation.

I have submitted a user voice for this in the event others find this thread looking for a solution to the problem.