Using same URL on old SP server as new SP server

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We currently have a SharePoint 2013 production server that I want to move to SharePoint 2019.  I don't want to do an in-place upgrade, I'd rather start clean, on a new VM.  Can you tell me the process of how I can keep the URL that is being used on the SharePoint 2013 site on the new SharePoint 2019 site



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Hi Trish,

Well, it depends on your DNS infrastructure. If you have a public record for your subdomain you may want to reach out to OarNet, who is hosting your public DNS zone and ask them to change the A record of your existing domain to point to the IP address on the new SharePoint server.

On the other hand, if you have a private DNS zone (in your company network), you’ll need to ask the IT team to change the DNS record.

If you have more details regarding your current infrastructure, that’ll be helpful.


I'm wanting to set up the new server while the old one is in production.  Can I create a web application on a different server with the same URL?  How will I do the switch over when I want the new server to go live?

Yes, you can definitely create a web application with the same url on another farm. What you can do is edit your machine “hosts” file to bypass your DNS servers and be able to browse the sites on your new farm. Make sure you’re on the new one when doing changes.

Another option is to setup your new web application with a different URL and once you’re done with the configuration/migration create an alternate access mapping with the old url. You can read more about AAM here:

As soon as you finish (no matter which path you decided to follow) you can go ahead and replace the IP address on the DNS record as I mentioned before.

Hello Fainpablo,


I appreciate your responses, thank you!!

Wouldn't I just be able to leave the DNS IP Addresses on the VM's NIC blank, or do I have to edit the hosts file?



The DNS settings on your VM NIC are for the VM DNS resolution. If you'd like to browse the new site from, for example, your laptop, then you'll need to edit your laptop's hosts file to point the old url to the IP address assigned to the new VM.


Or, as I mentioned earlier, you can assign a different subdomain to your new site and after migration add an alternative access mapping with the old url.


Let us know any other questions you have!

@fainpablo - Thanks for your help with this. Here I am in 2024 referring to this article again! :)