Using Now() as part of Default String value for Title

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I have what should be a very simple need, but I can't find any input anywhere that actually works as purported.

I want to set a default value (not a calculated column) for the Title of a list item, utilizing elements of the date and time. I would like the title, for example to be "230106 1402" if the item were created on "January 6, 2023, 2:02pm." I have no problem getting the date using TODAY function ("=TEXT(Today,"yymmdd""), but I can't get NOW to work in any way whatsoever.

The most I've been able to do is create a Date column with the default value of =VALUE(NOW()), and I have no idea what to do with that. I tried using it wrapped in the TEXT function as part of the Default for the Title, but SharePoint didn't like whatever I tried.

This should be SO SIMPLE...


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I kid you not, SharePoint is now letting me use it (=TEXT(VALUE(NOW()),"yymmdd hhmm")) in the Default for the Title, whereas earlier, it was not.
Other than building out the formula bit-by-bit from the inside out, this is what I was shooting for earlier. I can only assume there was SOMETHING different in what I typed that kept SharePoint from allowing me to save the formula...
I have my default, and all is right with the world.