Using Lookups with additional columns for document quick part labels

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When you setup lookup columns inside SharePoint you can choose to show additional source columns from the lookup list.

However when you setup a word document and load the quick part document property labels, it only shows the first column associated with the look up, despite the library the file is in showing all columns.

Is there anyway around this yet without changing the identifying column of the lookup?

I want to make a unique code at the document footer that goes something like, APL-IFT-PCD

Which comes from 3 lists, company, department document.

Each list has an abbreviation alpha 3 code.

I.e company Apple is APL.

Even though the document library shows both columns using the show additional columns from the lookup list, inside the word document quick parts it only shows the first column Apple which defeats the purpose.



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@silaman This is the default behavior of SharePoint while using lookups in document quick parts. It can only show the main lookup column value or lookup list item ID.


I am not sure if there is any out of the box way to get those properties in document using quick parts.


If it not, here's workaround you can try: 

  1. Create two more columns in document library to store the values of extended/additional lookup columns
  2. Hide those columns from list form
  3. Create a power automate flow on list which will run on item creation/update
  4. Use "Update item" action in flow which will update newly created two columns with the values of extended/additional lookup columns
  5. Use these new columns in document quick parts to show the values.

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I experimented with this however as many people use the library at the same time the automation kept failing, as members would have the documents open at the same time and it wouldn't work.

In the end I just changed the tile of each lookup to represent the alpha code abbreviation. Everyone has to reference it manually if they are unsure now

I don't see much use for the additional table option for SharePoint looks ups other than being able to see it on the main list if you'd like. Quite frustrating, seems half baked.