Using DATEDIF doesn't include first day (Calculating vacation days)

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I have a SharePoint list generated by PowerAutomate to keep track of employee time off requests. I'm using two text columns called StartDate and EndDate. The column values look like 05/14/2024 00:00:00


I want a column to calculate how many days a person has taken off, minus weekends. A web search brought me to a Stack Overflow post from ten years ago that actually worked relatively well - I do not know what this means (is "FLOOR" relevant?). 



The issue is that, for example, if StartDate=05/30/2024 00:00:00 and EndDate=06/04/2024 00:00:00, the column is generating three days instead of four.  


Similarly, if one day is taken off (05/14/2024 00:00:00-05/14/2024 00:00:00), it's appearing as 0 instead of 1. 


Theoretically, I could have PowerAutomate fudge the data but I want the calculate column to rely on the StartDate and EndDate columns in case they're ever manually edited. And, although I'm not sure how, I could theoretically just add "1" to the column but I imagine there may be occasions that could be incorrect (ie., if someone mistakenly enters their vacation starting on a Sunday). 


Bonus: How could I add this condition to the formula? IF value of column Approved is "Reject", then 0. 

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@Anthony-123 for inclusive working days excluding weekends I use:



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