Using calculated formulas for time in lists

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I have [Check-In] and [Check-Out] time and date column entries

I then have a [Total Time] calculated column which uses this formula 


I can get the total time, however I need to be able to set an IF for if the [Lunch Break] column yes/no is "Yes" it will deduct -0.5 or 30mins in the [Total Time]


I have attempted a few methods however I keep getting syntax or incorrect values.

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@silaman if I could offer a bit of advice first: don't use dashes in column names as it means the internal name of the column becomes Check_x002d_Out and Check_x002d_In and it then causes problems with calculated columns.


In my example the columns are called CheckOut and CheckIn. LunchBreak is a Yes/No column. Adjusted is the calculated column that takes off 30 minutes if LunchBreak is yes.




The formula for the Adjusted column is:



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Wow thanks a lot Rob, really appreciate it.

I've managed to get by in the past with just excel, but with this new project I think I will need to do a short course or some basic training.