Using a hub site as a distribution portal

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I have a set of separate sites sharing the same basic layout, lists formats, etc.. Each site has its separate set of members, news, etc.. In principle, pretty much like a normal hub site setup. 


However, the separation between each of the sub sites is much clearer than a normal hub site. There won't be any crossover from one site to another (e.g. a member of one site would normally not have access to any of the neighbouring sites, and shouldn't really have access to the hub either if they don't need to). 


Where the normal purpose of a hub site is to gather information from different places into one single hub, my intention is to use a hub site as a distribution portal. From time to time, I might want to push news to all sub sites from a central portal. I imagine there'll be more stuff as well in the future that might benefit from a central place to manage things.


So the question is, can I (and if so: should I) be using a hub site as a distribution portal for my case?



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