UserVoice Submission: Prevent Mass Deletion

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I submitted this idea in SharePoint's user voice:

Mass deletion of synced libraries should not be as straight forward as it is today. At the moment, if a user with contributor permissions deleted a large number of files, they will only get an email afterwards informing them that the files are available in the recycle bin to be restored.

Say the document library had 30K files which are now in the recycle bin, restoring those would take a lot of time.

An alerting and approval system should be in place. For example, if a user started deleting files from a synced document library, at the 100th file, an alert should be sent to the SharePoint admin and to another point of contact to allow the user to continue with the deletion process, or stop the action immediately.


If you agree, please click on this link and vote for it so we can get it to 100+ votes: Prevent Mass Deletion – SharePoint Experiences in Office365 and/or SharePoint Server (

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It currently does do this with the sync client and has for a bit now. If you try to delete a large number of files, the onedrive sync client will not delete those files until you confirm the large deletion. I want to say it's set to like 1000 items or something will pop up and alert you and ask for confirmation.
Correct but the number of files is not fixed. The alert wills be triggered when the volume of files is unusual. Quantitively speaking, nobody knows what “unusual” is.