Users with Edit permissions cannot change permissions they created themselves

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I noticed a very strange behavior of SharePoint today, that makes no sense to me.

I created a normal SharePoint Teamsite (without a group) and added many people to the members group.

This gives all those people "Edit" permissions.


In this way they can also share files and folders with others through Direct Access.

If a normal Edit-User shares something this works as expected:




The folder is now shared with David and he gets permission to change the file.


However, if the user wants to change those permissions afterwards, he has no permission to do this.

The explanation is shown in the window:


So users can give Edit-Permissions, but they need to be owners to remove those. This is contradictive to me.

What is your experience?

Any explanation?



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I too have encountered this and would be interested to learn the solution.

@David_Elsner - we have seen this too and it has been raised by a couple of users. It feels very inconsistent, it would be good to understand whether this is a recent change, the rationale and how these two scenarios are considered compatible.


ie. I can grant permissions to work on a file, but I can't revoke that later without reverting to a site owner...