Users with access granted are unable to view site

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My team and I have just created a new SharePoint site and are looking at granting visitors access to the site.


We have created a Read_Only Visitors Group with Read permission assigned to it, but the users who are added to the said group are unable to view the site.


Would anyone happen to have any idea what could be the issue?


Set Up Group.JPG

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Hello @janphua 


have you created an SharePoint team site, communication site oder an team site groups connected?

When an groups connected team site, it's private or public?


The sites has different permission concepts:


When you have an SharePoint team site or communication site, add the group to your SharePoint site permissions:


Here are information about privat vs. public:


Regards, Dave


Hi @David Mehr,


Thanks for the tips!


You are right, I think my team and I may have created a Team Site unknowingly instead of a Communication Site... :facepalm:


Will try to create a Comm Site this time round and see if it works! Thanks again, Dave!