Users sending sharing links of draft documents to users without permission to view

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In SharePoint Online, I have a library of controlled documents with major/minor versioning and content approval enabled. Only people with Contribute access can see draft documents. I also have an out of the box "Collect Feedback" flow that allows users to send sharing links to documents in order to collaborate. 


Lately I've noticed that my users with Contribute access are sending sharing links of documents in the Draft stage to people without editing rights, so I'm getting a ton of requests for access to individual documents. I understand that they'd like to collaborate on documents before they're approved and published, but it's important that the majority of users NOT be able to see draft or pending documents in this business-facing library. Can anyone suggest a better system that accommodates all needs? Only OTOB, please! 

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@joannalynne I have the exact same problem. Did you ever find a good solution?

Any confirmed solutions yet. I'm trying flow to grant access. I'll update if it works.


@Søren Elisiussen 

Unfortunately, I have not yet discovered any solutions, so we are moving documents from a "Working" directory to a "Published" directory to support the user requirements.
If I end up having to create two libraries like you, I’ll also create a PowerApp and use Power Automate to move the document once it’s been approved. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Yes, we also have a flow to do that. With som custom formatting on the document library columns, we have created a nice "Send for approval" button that appears next to each document to kick off the flow. Details are then filled out in a form that appear in the right side of the screen. It works ok as a workaround.