Users not getting email notifications when added to a site or Shared a Document - Sharepoint OnPrem

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Hi Team,

We have just deployed a SharePoint On Premise 2019. We can share sites and documents from SharePoint to the users in the AD. However, the users are not getting email notifications with the link of the shared site/documents. 


I tried to open SharePoint Sites on users workstations. The link open fine. and i can login from their workstations.


Any recommendations as to what i need to do to fix this please?


Please note: We have registered the users email in AD by adding Alternate UPN Suffix in the AD and manually assign user email as the email server is in a private cloud server.

Its a Newly deployed server and none of the users have been able to get email notification.


We have:

Windows Server 2019

SharePoint Server 2019

SQL server 2016


Thank you for your time.


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