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I just wanted to ask if someone know how it is possible to have a news webpart and a button downunder. This should make it possible for users to create a news post by clicking on the button and then be able to create a new post and choose some categories, if it is an update, status or something else. 

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@JHS2020 there is already the button in the news web part to add a new News post:


But if you want a more visible button you can add one and make the link as follows:





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@Rob Elliott  I know that function. 

What I mean is having a section for news, where users can add a message to that news part. So they will not have permission for the rest of the page. 
Like I am showing here, when a user press the button they should be able to make a news post. 


So I wish that when they push the add a message button, they get this:




Where the red show be categories that they can choose, and then make the news post that will show in the news section. 


@JHS2020 that's not possible yet.

@RobElliott It is, I have heard about some companies who does it. But I don't know if it is coded by themselves.