Users are unable to share links with external users and request files

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We have the following setting for the external sharing on both SharePoint and one-drive:-



and we are restricting external users sharing with a specif group of people only as follow:-



but if a user who is allowed to share with external users, try to share a file with an external user inside his one-drive he will get this error:-



also when the user try to request a file he will get this error:-




i am not sure why the user is getting these errors although i have all the setting correctly set. is this correct? or i am missing something?

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That Send link screenshot is just saying the type of sharing link is internal, so when adding an external person, it's informing you it won't work, so it's expected.




Changing the link to Specific people does the trick


Share 2a.png






Hi @john john ,


On the Who can share outside of your organization setting, it looks like you have the wrong box checked off.  You don't have the one for anonymous links.  Without that checked off anyone links will be blocked.




Hope that helps!  :)

@john john  You can also look at this setting in Microsoft 365 Admin Center if this is about Modern Team Sites with Office 365 Groups.





@Cian AllnerThanks and what about the File Request? why it is not working?


@systemsmavenso will this fix the File Request or the Sharing link?

@john john 


Yes, file request requires anyone/anonymous links.  It's kinda frustrating, I'd like to enable that feature for my users but we have a policy against anyone links.


And the default sharing link is an anyone link as well.