User unable to associate site with hub


Hi everyone


I'm having an issue where a user is unable to associate sites with a hub site as when they click on Site Information the hub association dropdown is greyed out:



They are a normal user but they are set as a site admin on the site that they are trying to associate to the hub, which as I understand it should be sufficient to allow them to do this.  To be sure I also tested adding them as a site admin to the hub site as well but this made no difference.  I am a SharePoint Admin and the dropdown is not greyed out for me.


We've tried this on a few different sites where the user is a site admin and the dropdown is always greyed out.  I've also double checked to make sure these sites aren't already associated with a hub.  All the Microsoft documentation says that the only permissions required is site admin so is anyone aware of anything that has changed?  As mentioned SharePoint Admin access seems to allow it but this isn't something that would be rolled out to every user who wanted to associate sites with a hub.


Thanks in advance for any assistance you could give with this.

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Check the Admin Center to make sure that the users who are allowed to associate to the hub have not been restricted. The ability to associate to each hub needs to either be open to all users or the Site Owner needs to be in the group allowed to associate to the hub in question.